Canada's NDP


August 20th, 2020

Liberals side with telecom companies instead of Nunavummiut

SALLIQ (CORAL HARBOUR) – Instead of making internet services more affordable for Canadians, the Liberals sided with Canada’s largest telecom companies in their appeal of an August 2019 CRTC decision to lower wholesale rates. During this pandemic, Canadians are more dependent than ever on high-speed internet connection for work, school and essential services.

“During this crisis, we have seen internet providers charging Canadians more. How can we ask families to stay at home, parents to continue working and students to learn through online resources without providing affordable and accessible Internet services,” said NDP Northern Affair Critic, Mumilaaq Qaqqaq. “Instead of working to improve internet connections in Nunavut and in other rural and remote areas, the federal government is siding with wealthy telecom corporations. This Liberal government needs to start working for everyday Canadians, not wealthy telecom companies.”

While the Liberals are making the internet more expensive to help large telecom companies, in Canada, 63 percent of rural households do not have access to high speed internet. In Nunavut, no households have access to high-speed broadband. During this public health emergency, the situation has gotten worse for Canadians in rural and remote areas.

“The federal government should be helping to connect more Canadians during this pandemic and beyond, not limiting what people can afford,” said Qaqqaq. “Nunavummiut need help now, we need investment in services at home. Increasing accessible and affordable internet services could save lives. Affordable and reliable connectivity is vital to promoting online counselling, education resource, the sharing of critical information and so many other beneficial things in our communities.”